Такси Русе-Букурещ

About us

To4nite Taxi - 2222 is a joint project of No time Office (an administrative and consulting services office for the taxi business, with manager Mr. Daniel Donev) and Top Design (an advertising agency, with manager Mr. Roman Antonov), which was successfully launched on October 01, 2001.

Happy Ltd. is a registered taxi company, owner of the trade mark to4nite and of a Certificate of Industrial Design for the company’s logo objects (red pyramids on the car tops).

Over the years, the company has won recognition as a leading taxi operator in Ruse, it has implemented and operates innovative solutions for customer satisfaction in the field of taxi services, and has established strategic partnerships with corporate clients.

Thanks to the open and transparent policy towards their customers, partners and employees, to4nite enjoy loyalty and goodwill achieved with cordiality, honesty and consistency of relationship.

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